Knife Vs Sword.io

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Become a sword master in Knife Vs Sword.io

Become an expert with your sword in Knife Vs Sword.io. Enter the world with people with dreams like you, slay them to eliminate many opponents.

The contest to find the person with the best skill in the swordplay world. At the place where the competition was held, many people also competed for this award. They share the same dream of becoming the most capable person in swordplay. You will enter the same place and compete against each other. Slash and kill all opponents to become the most capable person in swordplay.

To be able to fight, you first need to eat to recharge. Eat field food like peaches, gourds, ect. Go around and look for food, after having enough energy, kill your opponents with your sword. Slash opponents with smaller swords than you, and avoid swords bigger than you if you don't want your grave to be on the field.

Object that demands your attention

Character selection

Before the game, you can choose the character you want. The characters all have different looks but are all the same in that they have not upgraded or have any outstanding combat stats. Simply choose, start the fight, play hard and get the bonus after losing or winning. Win the match with few people left alive, the more money you get.

Unlock skins in the store

Use money from killing opponents in battle to buy new armor and swords. It's not just a simple interface change. The more expensive the armor, the less affected you will be by your opponent's swords if you are accidentally hit by them. At the same time, the swords also help your speed and killing ability also increase dramatically.