Loop Master

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Loop Master is a mind game about creating loops from random tiles. Arrange the parts to form circles or symmetrical shapes in 60 seconds. Complete before the time limit to unlock new levels.

Take the challenges

You will be presented with a number of messy details. The task that you need to do is arrange these details to be connected to form a circle. In the early levels, you will perform the task of creating details into interconnected inner rings. As the next level, the shapes need to be symmetrically arranged with each other or create a symmetrical face. The more details at higher levels, require you to quickly arrange in a short time to get three stars. Overcoming tough challenges in another entertaining game called Rowdy Wrestling.

Features to pay attention to


There are a total of 30 levels that you need to complete. The levels will get harder and harder, which means you have to use your intelligence to streamline faster.


A level can only be done in 60 seconds. During this time, you need to think quickly, arrange the details together to create a symmetrical shape. The faster you arrange the cannon, the more you will get three stars. The number of stars descending depends on the number of times you arrange. You can also try multiple times to get three stars. When the time is up and you still have not completed the task, you will do it again until the task is completed and a new level is reached.