Lord Of The Island

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Journey to explore the lands in Lord Of The Island

Compete your mascots and other lands' mascots in Lord Of The Island. Try to win multiple matches, unlock new mascots and explore new lands.

You and your three mascots are always together in every battle. And this time, you are in a strange land. And in order to be friendly with countries, it is necessary to fight as a way of greeting. Your three mascots will fight with three other mascots. Choose your mascot with higher stats and fight with mascot with smaller stats to win easier.

Choose the mascot, the position to move it and fight the opponent's mascot. Use features like defense, leg pull, ect to minimize the most damage to your team. Defeat all of your opponent's troops. And the reward for each match is the bonus and additional random mascots are given.

Unlock mascot

You can use your money to buy defeated mascots in the shop. See its strength indicators and make the right decisions. Some mascots, although won, have not been unlocked because your fighting strategy is not convinced. If you like the mascots that have not been unlocked, play again until it is unlocked.

The battles will become more and more fierce, requiring your mascots to be stronger to be able to win the following matches. You can choose stronger animals to put on the field. However, you only have a maximum of 5 storage spaces, sell those with low power stats to make room for new mascots.