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Mighty Party: Doge Rescue

Mighty Party: Doge Rescue challenges your brain by saving dogs from bee stings. Draw a line to protect the golden dog to prevent bee stings and not fall into the sea of water or sea of fire. Another mind game you can try in Merge Pirates.

Take on various challenges

With each level comes a different challenge. Its difficulty will gradually increase and peak at the last level at level 40. You will face many challenges but make use of it to win the challenge.

Brain game by drawing a line to protect the golden shiba dogs. You can freely draw the line you want so that you can completely protect the dogs from the aggressive swarm of bees in 10 seconds. However, only one line is allowed, so show your drawing skills.

The obstacles in the game

Aggressive bees

Aggressive bees are waiting for the opportunity to sting the golden shiba. Don't know why they do that, and to keep those poor shiba dogs from getting burned, do everything you can to protect them.

Sea of water or sea of fire

In addition to having to draw lines so that the dogs do not get stung by bees, you also have to help the dogs not to fall into the water or sea of ​​fire. Because they will cause the dogs to drown or burn to death. So you have to avoid the swarm of bees and not fall out of your position.