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Build and create your own world in Minecraft Remake. Break through the primordial space, and build your world with the different types of building blocks in the inventory.

The idea of the game

This game takes the idea and remakes of the original Minecraft. However with simpler mechanics, easy to control and not laggy like the original game. The popularity of Minecraft has shocked young people, especially for game streamers that can be found in every social network, they all experience Minecraft a lot. A rather novel game for those who just haven't played it yet. But believe me, after a while of tinkering, I think you definitely won't give it up.

Create your empire in Minecraft Remake

With space and context the blocks create a simple land, only earth, grass, trees, flowers, and sun. To change the living environment here is not boring, build your own empire the way you want. Be creative and ignore the principles of physics and present your ideas to your world.

Based on 10 different blocks in the inventory, sketch your world. Use them wherever you want. Build from the simplest houses to the greatest castles. Let your imagination fly away. And show us your empire.

How to control

Move with WASD/arrow keys

Space to jump up

Click with mouse to remove block