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Montblanc Legend Red: The Race

Drive through the colorful space featured in Montblanc Legend Red: The Race

Do addictive 3D racing in Montblanc Legend Red: The Race. You play as a silk driver with skillful driving skills. Entering the street full of neon lights makes the game more interesting.

Game with vivid color scene in 3D neon colorful road. Master the speed as well as the corners skillfully. Your goal is to drop yourself on the neon-lit road, pass the lane with many complicated turns. Accelerate your car, explore the lanes, burst of speed that makes you quick to the finish line.

Experience the challenging road without having to compete for the finish with any opponents. You can unleash yourself in the infinite space with vibrant sound. It makes you feel like you are directly driving the car into this striking color road.

In this colorful road race there are no other dangers, so your job is to focus on reaching the finish line as quickly as possible without hitting the edge of the road, which makes your speed reduce. Quickly reach the finish line with the shortest amount of time and show it off to everyone.

How to control

Master your movement with the up arrow key, avoid hitting the edge of the road, causing your speed to decrease. Combine up arrow key and left/right arrow key for bends.