Mr Bullet Online

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Shoot all objects in Mr Bullet Online

Become a super good shooting spy in Mr Bullet Online. Shoot down the guys in front of you. Apart from you, no one is your ally so shoot them all down.

You are a super good spy and you are nominated to kill the object to be killed. You have received money from a partner and you need to act on it whether it is right or wrong. Use the gun with the strategy of shooting down the objects to kill with the least amount.

Use widgets to help you with your mission. Shooting guns at objects creates indirect death for the object to be killed. Note the stone platforms that can facilitate the bullet to hit the object.

Number of bullets in a level

In the game, you are given 5 bullets and the objects are scattered in many irregular and regular positions. You need to use the ability to use guns to shoot down objects with the same bullet. Avoid overusing the bullets because the more you use them, the more difficult it is to get 3 stars.

Game mode

  • Classic
  • Zombie
  • Granny
  • Freddy

To unlock new game modes, you need to meet the star requirement of each game mode. Collect all 3 stars from levels in Classic mode to easily unlock new modes.

Unlock new characters

When you complete the task of killing objects with less ammo, you will get more bonuses. The less ammo left, the less bonus you will receive. So you need to focus on strategizing the kill with the least loss.