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Real City Car Stunts

About Real City Car Stunts

Find your destination in Real City Car Stunts. Drive your car into the city, find your way to your destination, avoid other vehicles and unlock new cars.

You are taken to the places where you need to find the destinations. Make action-packed jumps from ramps, accelerate in traffic, run red lights to reach your destination in time.


Choose from one of the new 5 cars in the store. Use the coins earned in the matches and buy new cars. Try out the difference between the cars while driving them.

Level of the game

Level 1 to level 13: These levels are only played when you have completed the previous level. Try to finish the race, making few mistakes so you don't have to do much. Try to find hidden coins in various locations in the city to buy 5 different sports cars.

Free mode: you can freely roam around the city if you want, no time limit or have to find your destination, just enjoy driving around the city. Go all the streets, nooks and crannies to discover the spots to go.

How to control

WASD/arrow keys to move

F to Nitro

L to turn on lamps

Space to use handbrake

C to switch cameras