Road Fury

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Road Fury overview

Road Fury is a fun game about the shooting motor car. Your car and other cars go on the same road, you follow and shoot the cars in front to get money.

Your task in this game is to bombard other cars on the way. Just move your car moving one of the three lanes, the car will automatically fire shots at the car in front. A toolbar at the rear of the vehicle in front shows how long it will take to successfully destroy and after successful bombardment, you will receive an amount of money. Keep doing the same with other cars. The game will end when your power bar is gone. To bombard more cars, don't stand too close to the car in front, it will make you lose strength and gradually when the power bar runs out, the game will also end.

Buy items at the store

When you reach a certain amount, use them to invest in tools that can help you make bombardments faster. The ability to bombard faster as well as easily attack larger vehicles such as trucks. The bigger the car, the bigger the breaking bonus. Attacking big cars helps you get rich faster than if you just focus on bombarding small cars.