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Rocket Stunt Cars

Rocket Stunt Cars is an exciting racing game. Choose your favorite car, your favorite color. Choose your favorite map and start your journey.

Practice driving with your car

Warm up before the race, you will choose one of your favorite cars. All for free, no need to meet any requirements to choose the car in the garage. In addition, you can also choose the color of the car. There are tons of colors for you to choose from.

Choose one of the three maps that you like the most. The maps all have outstanding features that not all maps are the same. In addition, the maps have quite interesting obstacles in letting you drive in each map. You seem to be practicing your driving ability, while admiring the surrounding scenery. Enjoy in any space without having to worry about competition. Simply get acquainted, enjoy, experience the map. No time pressure, compete with rival cars.

Types of maps

Stunt Arena: land with many obstacles where you can experience your steering. Go through obstacles to increase your ability to drive in any unpredictable terrain.

Highway: race with other cars on the highway. Travel with a convoy of cars. Drive forward aimlessly. Get ahead of your opponents to stay ahead.

City: visit the streets in the city. Walk through the streets, nooks and crannies, and see the buildings side by side. You can just see modern skyscrapers or old architectural houses.