Russian Car: Drag Racing

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Car racing in Russian Car: Drag Racing!

Russian Car: Drag Racing is a thrilling racing game. Start with a cheap car and take part in many matches. Make many matches and win many matches. Use the money earned on buying new cars.

Starting your journey, you will start with a modest start by buying a cheap car. With a budget of 5000, you have no better choice but the cheapest car in the shop. Join the match with many opponents and try to finish the fastest or be among the top finishers first. The more you finish first, the more money you earn. Use that money to buy new cars and collect cars in the store.

Expand your chances in multiple matches by exploring many breathtaking locations. The locations have different challenges with different scenes like vibrant urban landscape, peaceful countryside, ect. You will not get bored with only a few or a few terrains like other games. Get ready for the battle of different cars with different terrain challenges.

With vibrant sound, your battle with opponents will become more exciting than ever. The sound is also part of what makes the race more exciting. Prepare to explode the car, press the accelerator and launch forward.

How to control

Use arrow keys to move. Hold down the up arrow key to increase speed. Use a combination of the up arrow key and the left/right arrow key to make a bend. Down arrow key to reverse.