Shooting Ninja

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Shooting Ninja is a fun game about ninja. The green ninja is tasked with shooting other ninjas with his weapon. Take good aim before your opponent kills you first.

Adorable blue ninja is learning how to be the best ninja. To realize that dream, he needs to learn how to knock down his opponent with just a shoot.

How to play Shooting Ninja

In the game, you will always be one level below your opponent. Aim your opponent with a shoot of the weapon. The more opponents you defeat, the more bonuses you get. This means that killing an opponent in a non-weapon hit is more difficult and requires more unarmed hits to completely destroy it. When you hit the opponent, the opponent will do the same to you. Quickly destroy the root before they destroy you.

Also, shoot the mysterious chest to get more money or other weapons. You can rotate other weapons of your choice. Let's go up many floors to score more points.

Use the money earned to upgrade your weapons and hearts. Increases the vitality of the heart, increases the movement speed of the weapons.

How to move

Use the mouse to throw the weapon when aiming at the location you choose.