Super Pineapple Pen 2

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Specifically about Super Pineapple Pen 2

Launch the pens at the fruit in Super Pineapple Pen 2. Don't miss any gaps in the fruit and don't hit previously launched pens. Use bonuses to unlock new pen.

A game of throwing objects at the fruit. If you think the pen isn't harmless, you're wrong. An object used every day to write can also become a murder weapon. But in this game there is no violence, or any dangerous action, simply that the main task here is to stab and launch lovely fruits.

How to play

You keep launching the pens at a fruit until it explodes. Also don't throw the new pen in the same place as the old one because it ends the game. Sometimes you find that the fruit is spinning so fast that you can't see the empty positions clearly, be patient and wait for it to slow down for a few seconds. The game is not for the impatient, sometimes you feel frustrated, angry, but if you continue like that, it won't help.


The higher the level, the more pens you need to launch, which means that the distance between the pens is not far. The higher the level the harder it is to shoot them at the fruit.

Unlock new pen

After each successful launch of fruits, you will receive a bonus for that victory. Use the bonus to unlock other pens. The pens that need to be unlocked are still a mystery. Do you want to explore it?