Supra Racing Speed Turbo Drift

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Race cars with rivals in Supra Racing Speed Turbo Drift. Step on the accelerator and confront other opponents. Perform the steering phase at breakneck speed.

Thrilling race of cars!

The racing of racing cars is full of excitement and fun. It doesn't just give you the experience of doing this challenging ride. You and your opponents are ready for the race. The whistle blew and the race began. Quickly press the accelerator to increase speed because you are a short distance from the other competitors or they are already driving quickly without you noticing. Don't let yourself fall behind your opponent, but even so, it's okay because if you're not used to it, it doesn't matter.

Make many different matches to gain experience for yourself and accumulate XP. In this game, everything is at the expense of XP. Buy cars with XP, unlock terrains with XP. To explore many races with different terrain, do nothing but accumulate XP.

Features of the game


5 different vehicles are waiting for you to discover. They need you to trade your XP points. Experience and earn enough XP to buy yourself a new car with more advanced features. In addition, there are tons of colors for you to choose from. You can choose the original color or other colors you want.

7 tracks

Use XP points earned to unlock new vehicles and tracks. Difficult and dangerous terrains can make it difficult for you. The more tracks you make and pass, the smoother your steering will become. Become the silk driver in this thrilling racing game.