Tanks Squad

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Tanks Squad is a click-to-kill combat game. Maintain your tank to restore power and use money from killing opponents to buy features to enhance combat.

Guide play

You will fight at the same time with three other opponents. They are shooting bullets to destroy you. In order for the opponent to not succeed in that purpose, join hands to help your tank destroy the opponent. By clicking to destroy the opponent, there will be a toolbar below the opponent's tank.

Each time you click on the tank, automatically the opponent's strength will decrease. Click until completely destroy their power. Do the same and parallel with the remaining two tanks. To see how many other tanks you have to fight, look at the top of the screen. It will show the level of completion of the challenge. When the toolbar turns completely red, you will fight a super big tank. Shoot it down to end the challenge.

Maintain your tank

Use the repair button to restore the tank and increase its combat ability. This feature's recovery time is within one minute, please use it so that your tank is not severely damaged.

Buy items in the shop

Every time you successfully kill an opponent, you will receive a sum of money. The harder the tank is to destroy, the more bonuses you get. Use them to buy upgrades for your tank.

In the process of shooting other tanks, upgrade your shooting abilities to destroy opponents faster. The more abilities you buy, the faster you can complete the quest.

Own two new tanks with superior combat performance when you earn enough coins to unlock these two tanks. Quickly destroy opponents and the more the number, the easier it will be for you to own these two cars.

How to control

Use the mouse to play