The Floor Is Lava Online

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Help the guy in The Floor Is Lava Online jump over objects in the house. Collect coins to unlock new characters, heart, clover and all things that you can collect.

Way to play The Floor Is Lava Online

The guy in this game is supposed to run forward so as not to be knocked over by the wall behind him. Not simply running forward, all the obstacles are blocking his way. The main obstacles are furniture. You have to help him jump over the furniture quickly. Don't let him get stuck between two pieces of furniture so you can't quickly help him jump up. The wall behind him will get closer and closer if you keep making mistakes. Get a higher score than your previous record and set a new record with a new score.

Things that appear in the game


Besides you have to jump on objects, collect gold coins. It is not necessary to collect all because time does not allow. You earn gold coins with your reach. Use that money to unlock mysterious new characters.


Collecting hearts is not meaningless. It will help you get out of the fins of boiling oil if you accidentally fall. With the number of hearts that you earn, it will help the same number of times you accidentally fall into cooking oil.

Balloons, rockets, ect

Vehicles assist you in moving forward, away from the wall behind you. However, these vehicles are only available for a limited time. After the validity expires, you must return to your main job.