Traffic Run Christmas

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Introducing the game Traffic Run Christmas

Join Traffic Run Christmas as you drive into a winter wonderland full of challenges and candy canes. Try to avoid obstacles and collect candies to win. As you steer through winter landscapes, collecting candy canes and unlocking new vehicles, the joy of the festive journey unfolds. The game has 30 desirable festival levels. Try to avoid obstacles and collect as many candies as possible to win. At the beginning of the game, you will control your vehicle to the finish line while avoiding obstacles. Trains, moving candy, and heavy traffic are hindering you from success. Here's a sneak peek: the more candy you collect, the closer you get to unlocking new and exciting vehicles.

Attractive gameplay of Traffic Run Christmas

Instructions on how to play

The controls in this driving game are quite simple like Traffic Jam 3D. You need to touch and hold to drive and release to decelerate. On the way, many vehicles are passing by and there are many dangerous turns. It would help if you slowed down to wait for these cars to pass before you continue to increase your speed to continue. The most dangerous roads are intersections. Observe and move quickly to avoid colliding with other cars. On the way, collect lots of candy. Using candy can buy cars and attractive items in Santa's gift box.


With 30 levels to conquer, each level is decorated with festive decorations and challenges. This game will bring you an impressive and unforgettable Christmas season. Try to conquer each level to enjoy the Christmas season in Traffic Run Christmas to the fullest. You need to pass each level one by one to open the next level. To play more driving games, you can join Traffic Jam 3D to immerse yourself in thrilling and challenging driving.