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Race with your opponents in Tron!

Race to see who captures the most territory as the winner in Tron. You will fight other opponents in going through many places and marking where you have gone with your path.

You will play against your opponent for three rounds. Losing in 3 gold is the first loser. You and your opponent enter a world of only squares stacked together. The places you go through will leave your mark with the same color as your car. Walk around this square and mark the places you pass. However, it is necessary to avoid hitting the wall, touching the places you have marked and touching the opponent. Take turns taking the land into your territory and maintaining it until the opponent loses when it hits the wall or hits you. A game will end when one of the two losers and the loser of the first three games is the loser and the other is the winner.

Game mode

One player

You will play against the AI in single-player games. Your car is pink and your opponent's is blue. Enter the game, calmly occupy your territory and make few mistakes to reduce the loss.

Two players

You can play two player mode with your friends. Invite them to play with you and experience conquering territory. As usual, play against each other and when one or the second player loses 3 games the game is over and the winner is found.

How to control

Player 1 uses the arrow keys

Player 2 uses WASD