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Racing cars in Truck Race

Race cars with rivals in Truck Race. Start the race, press the accelerator, move the car according to the terrain, make many smooth turns and finish first.

At the beginning of the race, you will compete with other competitors to get the first place to the finish line. Press the accelerator to accelerate. The terrain stretches with difficult bends. If you are a silk driver about the bend, you will definitely have an advantage over your opponent and easily finish first. If you are not familiar with the bends, adjust your speed to avoid hitting the sides of the road, which will take you a long time and slow down the progress towards the finish line. Quickly reach the finish line and do 3 laps to complete the race.


The game is divided into two maps. The maps are different in terms of terrain, so controlling your car also requires certain adjustments. Map 1 is a hilly view, follow the asphalt road to control the car to the finish line. Make 3 laps to be able to complete the race. Map 2 is the view of the F1 race track, the asphalt road with tires stacked on top of each other is the main view of this map. Take 5 laps to complete the mission.

Unlock new cars

Use the money earned from the races, accumulate them and buy other cars in the shop. Each car has its own value corresponding to its features. You need to see indicators like Power, Control, Mass to choose the right car for you.

How to control

Arrow keys to move