Two Punk Racing

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Drive in the colorful futuristic world in Two Punk Racing!

Take you into the colorful futuristic world in Two Punk Racing. Experience driving and see the whole colorful city. Do multiple races to unlock new features.

Before entering the track, choose the car you like best from the two available cars and prepare to enter the track. You won't see anyone or have to race against any opponents. You alone fully enjoy the skyscrapers along with the neon lights covered the whole city.

Start the track by pressing the accelerator and zooming all the way forward. Crawl beautifully into corners and take off in the air or steer around. You only have 80 seconds to make your drive to the finish line, accelerate when going straight and prepare to turn when you reach the corner. Reach the finish line before time runs out, if you do, you can unlock new game features.


Game mode

There are 2 game modes, single player mode and two player mode. Enjoy the space and see the whole city while driving. The game will be more fun if you invite more friends to play with you.

Car models

You have two choices when starting out, choose one of the two to enter the race. Successfully perform many races to be able to unlock the remaining 5 cars.


Each level corresponds to different terrain and tracks. Requires you to skillfully overcome the bends and jumps. The higher you go, the more obstacles. You can utilize and practice those tracks to make yourself a great driver.

How to control
Player 1:
Use arrow keys
Key M to Nitro
Player 2:
Using WASD
Y key to Nitro