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Ultimate Knockout Race

Run with adorable 3D characters in Ultimate Knockout Race!

Experience with adorable 3D characters running to the finish line in Ultimate Knockout Race. You and other players compete with each other to get to the finish line first.

Lovely, petite, pretty 3D character with short legs and arms competing against each other in a running match. This is not what you look for when you think of professional runners. Everyone has the goal of being the first to finish so you and them both try to move forward without any of these obstacles.

Simply running is quite boring, so running here is much more interesting. In front of you are obstacles such as triangular obstacles, rectangular bars that are rotating continuously clockwise, giant balls are falling towards you, ect. Stay away from them as much as possible because they distract you and leave the area close to the finish line and prevent you from making it to the next round. However, do not focus too much on winning or losing, cuteness is more important than winning.

You can change your appearance to your liking using the diamonds you earn in each match. Changing the appearance makes the game much more interesting and new.

How to control

Move the character with the arrow keys