Vortelli's Pizza

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Vortelli's Pizza is a simulation game about a pizza shop. You will be the owner of this pizzeria and your mission is to satisfy customers with delicious hot pizza.

Cake making process

The process of making cakes is complicated, you make cakes through many stages along the way. Try to make your cake with all the steps and not miss any steps to make the cake the most delicious. After making the cake and placing it on a plate, you will bring the cake to the customer. After the customer receives the cake and is satisfied, you can receive the money back from the customer. Depending on the deliciousness and elaborate steps, the value of the cake will be set. If customers find it delicious, you will get paid more, and vice versa. After customers pay, you can take money from the cashier to open your store larger. The opening amount is quite large, requiring you to make a lot of cakes and sell a lot of cakes to have enough money.

A few notes when kneading the cake

You can unlock more customers, and waiting rooms, the more open the money will be. And do not forget after completing each level, please come to the Next Level to get to the next level. On the way to make cakes In addition to diving and adding topping to the cake, you will encounter obstacles. It will cause you to lose the number of bread before. You need to pay attention to your eyes to identify what is the trap and what is the tool to knead. In addition, you can play many other games at our website. There are many new games updated every day. If you find this game interesting, don't forget to share it with your friends to play together!