Winter 3D Clash

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About Winter 3D Clash

A Christmas Season multiplayer shooter called Winter 3D Clash. You will dress up as Santa Claus to join your teammates, with the same appearance, killing opponents who are blue elves.

Join your teammates in a shooting war with your opponents, the green goblins. Use your gun with many of your teammates to start the fight. The game will end when you are shot dead. The number of people you kill will be converted into the number of points you get if your team wins. If your team doesn't win, you won't get any bonus points either.

In the game, hide in a hidden corner where the opponent can't see you, and hit the opponent with your gun. There is a fuzzy aiming point, you just need to move the aim point at the target, it will definitely shoot them down. You can also come across other guns, collect them and use them. When your hiding place is threatened, leave it immediately, stay away from your opponents and find yourself a new safe place. Don't put yourself in plain sight because you will be easily shot from behind without you knowing.

The bonus points earned can be used to upgrade yourself and weapons. Because they also have a greater impact on the battlefield and help your team.


Arrow Keys (+ WASD) to move

Mouse to shoot

Space to jump

C to crouch