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Zombie Tsunami Online


Specifically about Zombie Tsunami Online

Turn humans into zombies in Zombie Tsunami Online. Build a mighty zombie army in this game. Eat humans, avoid obstacles and collect gold to unlock new features.

The zombie war will not end until there are no zombies left. At the beginning of the game, you are the zombie walking forward. Eat humans to form a powerful zombie army.

Parts to watch out for

Eat humans

There will be places to contain humans but you have to pay attention to the number of zombies needed to unlock. If the number of zombies you have is not enough for the required number, jump up and continue the next journey. Don't try when you don't qualify because a wall right behind you will swallow you up.


Stay away from obstacles like bombs, trucks, helicopters because they make your army smaller. You also have to pay attention to the holes in front and make well-timed jumps so you don't lose any pieces.

Secret box

Along the way, you will encounter mysterious boxes. This box contains the power to help you go stronger, not blocked by obstacles. However, the power only has a certain limit. After finishing, you will return to the original state.

Unlock new features

  • Hats
  • Power ups
  • Specials

Along the way, collect a lot of money to unlock features that help you go faster and reduce the number of troops lost. Sometimes unlock accessories to make your zombies more adorable.